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February 5th, 2008

Happy OTH Tuesday!

 Hey everyone!! 

I just wanted to get an entry up and tell you a little about myself. Basically, I love One Tree Hill like many others out there. I am a HUGE Naley fan, but I also really enjoy Brucas, Jeyton, and even Leyton on occasion. I'm down for almost anything on the show because though I may not always agree, I really trust Mark and the other producers. After all, they have put together an amazing show for going on 5 years now. I love OTH for so many reasons, but especially because of the basketball, characters, relationships, and music. Of course what really kept me around is the fact that I am a hopeless romantic (and I think Mark is too!).  

I'm not sure exactly what my posts will include (it depends on how quickly I can learn how to use all the cool parts of LiveJournal. But they will most likely involve episode recaps and discussion, pictures (I met JAMES!! those will come later...), icons, OTH music, spoilers, and maybe even a little fanfic (we'll see). 

Anyway, I really started this journal because the online OTH community is so amazing and I really wanted to contribute my part. Much love to all the OTH fans out there who keep me sane and keep the show going strong!! 

Enjoy tonight's episode! (Carrie better watch her back...)


P.S. I may have an update up very soon so stay tuned! 
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