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Hot Scotts!

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Hot Scotts!

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Hey everybody! 

So I know my LJ so far is pretty lame, but I have been so inspired lately by what I have seen on here (especially from fellow OTH fans!) that I really want to improve mine and contribute more regularly to the awesome online OTH community. 

That said, I obviously need some help and pointers. For starters I'd like a cool mood theme and tips on making banners (OTH or Naley preferably). So if anyone would like to take me under their (Raven) wing and help a fellow OTH-er out of the goodness of their heart it would be very much appreciated!! In return, I'd be happy to make requested OTH videos or maybe icons/banners once I receive help with them :). I'm pretty creative and good with computers, I just need a little push. 

I'm not asking for much and would totally understand if no one has time so no worries. Even if no one can really help, it'd be fun to connect with other fans of OTH or the JLs so feel free to hit me up! 

Okay, thanks!!
- Sparrow

P.S. Congrats on making it to 100!! April 14th cannot come soon enough!  

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