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taken from lovelylaura23 :) MUSIC MANIA MEME 1. Put your music…

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taken from lovelylaura23 :)

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. For the first twenty-five songs that come up- and no cheating!- post the first line of the song.
3. If the title of the song comes up in the line, you have two options: you may replace the title with (song title here) or, if that would make it too obvious, you may skip the song. This is the only time you should skip a song! Skipping embarassing 90s pop songs takes the fun out of it, guys.
4. Let your friends guess the title and artist of the songs. When it's guessed, cross it out and credit if you like.

Type your cut contents here

1. Got (song title), one for every time i gone away  .

2. You give your hand to me, and then you say hello

3. (song title, song title) you never know hommie, might meet some hoes hommie, ya need to pump your breaks...

4. cotton candy in a rotten mouth, you know you're so fucked up, know i couldn't help but have it for you

5. couple of guys, sittin' 'round drinking, down at the starlight bar (haha)

6. i like to dance all night, summons the day, but that's how i play

7. you were the words, that wash from the sand, i still prayed we wouldn't give it  up

8. we'll take ourselves out in the street, and wear the blood in our cheeks

9. oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream

10. what can you do when the curtain falls

11. i'm not saying it was your fault, although you could have done more

12. won't you come see about me, i'll be alone, dancing you know it baby

13. (song title) unlikely japan, wherever you go, wherever you land

14. (song title) if i act a little strange, for i know not what i do

15. crazy, how it, feels tonight, crazy, how you, make it all alright love

16. was it love, or just something that reminded me of, something that felt a lot like but wasn't

17. what'll you do when you get lonely, and nobody's waiting by your side

18. (song title) can you hear me, lazing on the aftenoon

19. there's something in the way she eases my mind, lays me across the bed 'til i close my eyes

20. its really over, you've made your stand, you got me cryin', as was your plan

21. (song title) she's frenching out the flavor, she's 17 but i went and plumb forgot it

22. well girl sometimes i feel just like a boy, put here on this earth for you to toy 'round with

23. off with your head, dance 'til you're dead

24. black as the night, black as the night, dark hours since we've been apart

25. if i expected love when first we kissed (song title)

have fun!

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